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he’s cute. she’s hurt! he’s lonely. she’s heart broken! a maTCH! 😱😱😱

if you meet a guy on Craig’s and hit it off…..don’t hold your breath. just saying. you. know.

"…and there would always be a distance between us because there were too many shadows everywhere. Had she ever made promises to a faithless reflection in the mirror? Had she ever cried because she hated someone so much? Had she ever craved betrayal to the point where she pushed he crudest fantasies into reality, coming up with sequences that only she and nobody else could read, moving the game as you play it? Could you locate the moment she went dead inside? Does she remember the year it took to become that way? The fades, the dissolves, the rewritten scenes, all the things you wipe away—I now want to explain these things to her but I know I never will, the most important one being: I never liked anyone and I’m afraid of people."

— Bret Easton Ellis (Imperial Bedrooms)

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woke up yesterday with a nails missing ….she was gone….with the wind…they were just getting pretty …I miss my nails so much I might kill myself …this is why I drink so much.

Nicki Minaj trying to count how many careers she’s ended.

had to delete my cuz I don’t want y’all to see this

I’m posted on Craig’s with no particular agenda and somehow I attract all These men who wanna have a real conversation till 8am about their feelings etc
idk if I should feel lucky or annoyed



Maquino del Tiempo (feat. Wisin y Yandel) - Tito El Bambino

So like half of my iTunes library is music in foreign languages that i sing along badly to because they’re so damn catchy and once a friend caught me attempting to sing a KPop song along with my iPod and has never let me forget what a horrible job I did of trying to pronounce anything and I have no idea what any of the people in this song are talking about (except for when the words kind of sound like French), but it’s catchy as hell and you should listen to it, too. 

myyyyyy jam


Dreaming Of You - Selena


Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)