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Ryan Murphy just comfirmed on twitter that this year’s season of American Horror Story’s "Freakshow" will feature Jessica Lange singing a cover of a Lana Del Rey song! Details on which episode or song still haven’t been released yet, but it is likely to be on the first premiere 1 hour and a half special episode "Monsters Among Us"

starting the best show ever again

if season 4 of American horror story is all about Jessica Lange, considering that this is her final season, I will puke

even thou I look like a straight up MAN this was a genuine smile so here it is
it’s free….swipe up ebt.
me very enthused by soccer

people gag @ me when I say I dont wish my ex harm etc after everything but why? he fucked up but I forgive him and wish him well. the fuck does that have to do with you? is wishing him bad for me gonna make me feel better? no. stop being angry at someone you have no reason to be.

I’ll die happy if I can have a brooklyn night with etchoutyourbark

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absolve them Shirley phelps….